Episode 145--The Mountain Top--Strong, Confident Women Rock


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First, she threw down on the most downloaded episode in the history of this show. Now, she's back to hit the topic du jour with a big, heavy hammer. She's none other that the very sweet, smart and lovely Dr. Jennifer Rhodes...and this show is all about the strong, confident women we love. No 'shrinking violets' with low self-esteem need apply. We hit the ground running as Jennifer shocks the world with her belief that there's no such thing as men being 'intimidated' by men...and you'll want to hear her out. Are strong, confident women necessarily masculine? Jennifer reveals a startling (and original) take on how women have been influenced over the last century or so, making it more difficult for men and women to relate and attract each other. Could it be that our entire culture is operating at a deficit when it comes to personal power and confidence? And has so-called 'mainstream dating advice' done more harm than good in this area? Find out what Jennifer sees as the 'male superpower for relating to women from now on. Then get her thoughts on how good men can attract strong, confident women, with real-life stories to back it all up. Also...fun in Buenos Aires, the 'hidden' reason why so many men struggle at online dating, and my long-overdue (and purely logical) rant on 'red pill' dating advice. Talk to me directly for FREE for 25 minutes, get in on the newsletter and MORE at the show notes page: http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com


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