Episode 148--The Mountain Top--Dating And Relating The Right Way


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This is going to be one of the most controversial episodes I've ever produced. That's because politics are a hot potato nowadays, and this show inextricably links dating, relating and politics without apology. But regardless of how you vote, if you've EVER found yourself thinking all American women have lost feminine values and don't believe in gender roles anymore, you need to listen to this podcast. Similarly, if you appreciate guests who can passionately explain what they believe and why in detail, you're in for a treat. Enter my co-host Christy Edwards-Lawton, former high-end matchmaker and founder of conservative dating app Righter. While working on the Trump campaign, Christy met a beautiful model in Manhattan who couldn't find true love because she was conservative. Noticing how dating sites and apps such as OKCupid and Bumble were actively discouraging politically conservative users, she saw a clear opportunity to connect millions of right-leaning men and women everywhere. In this episode, Christy and I wonder aloud what ever happened to dating and courtship. Is it obsolete, or do people really want to stop 'hanging out' and develop real connection again? You'll also hear Christy's surprising views on sites and apps like OKCupid and Bumble...and why they are unhappy about Righter, despite openly shunning conservative users. You'll likely stand up and cheer when you hear Christy's take on what women should wear on dates. Are conservative women hotter? And how does a man attract them? Christy also reveals her surprising thoughts regarding electing a female president. Plus, my ideas on Debra Messing's vagina cupcakes and why OKCupid is so politically biased and Match less so, even though they are owned by the same company. Get in on the newsletter, download cool free stuff and talk to me for up to 25 minutes FREE. It's all at the show notes page: http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com


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