Episode 166--The Mountain Top--When Other Guys Want Your Woman


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It doesn't matter whether you've got your eye on a woman who is desired by other men, you're dating a woman who incessantly tells you how other guys want her, or you're in a relationship with a woman who is constantly hit up on by other dudes...this episode is for you. My main man Bobby Rio returns to hash it all out, throwing down some real talk about how to be the man even in such awkward and potentially frustrating situations. And what if your girlfriend has a pesky BFF who keeps trying to introduce her to someone else? How about if her own family members want to break the two of you up? Could it somehow even be that YOU are the one causing other men to run 'boyfriend destroyer game' on the woman you're with? Brutal. And wait a minute...on the other hand, what are the parameters of stepping in to meet a woman yourself when some other guy is clearly failing on his date with her? Is there ever a scenario when that's okay? What's really going on when a woman says, 'I have a boyfriend'? And could her antics really all be about trying to impress you? As improbable as that sounds, wait until you hear the raw truth. And what does pizza delivery have to do with all of this? Get the free newsletter, all the free reports and find out how to talk to me for 25 minutes free at http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com.


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