Episode 167--The Mountain Top--Conflict and Disagreement


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Emily and I have been together for nearly fourteen years, and we agree on just about everything...at least fundamentally. That's a big part of what makes our relationship wonderful. But that doesn't mean we don't have our prickly moments. Therefore, we figured we'd record an episode where we break down what exactly constitutes 'healthy' disagreement as opposed to something twisted and dysfunctional. So how do people end up in a relationship with someone they disagree with even on the baseline stuff? Believe it or not, we can think of at least two ways that happens...and all too often. If a woman is driving you nuts, can you change her? Can she change YOU? If you give in to your partner's preferences or opinions, is that 'compromising' your relationship...or giving your power away? Do the two of you even have to have the same interests up front at all? Certain 'relationship gurus' are on record saying it's healthy for couples to fight. On the other hand, is it healthy never to disagree at all? Well, we have a take on both of those opinions for sure, including why it is that Emily and I can freely get snippy with each other and only make our relationship stronger all the while. What about when you're given 'the silent treatment'? And what if there's a serious breach of trust, like someone cheats on the other partner? What if there's a source of extreme stress either inside or outside the relationship itself? By the way, I know way too much about ballet, and you should probably be worried. Visit http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com for the free newsletter, all the free reports to talk to me for 25 minutes. And for more from both of us, check out the X & Y On The Fly podcast at http://www.scotandemily.com/podcast.


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