Episode 170--The Mountain Top--The Truth About Single Women


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My guest co-host, author Acamea Deadwiler, is all about breaking pre-conceived notions. In her book Single That!, she writes words of encouragement and clarity to single women. But...I couldn’t help but recognize the immense value to us as men of gaining insight into her list of myths, especially since Acamea is so level-headed, positive and easy-going in her approach to men and women finding love together. So how about it, then? If a woman is still single in, say, her thirties, does that mean there's something wrong with her? What about women who think something is wrong with YOU because you’re still single? Do women have unrealistic expectations nowadays...both before AND after they’re married? Are single women just too busy? Are they lonely 'spinsters'? Or is the opposite true...that they're 'female players'? Are most women 'golddiggers' at heart, intending to find a man who will pay their way in life? And why do all single women seem to ask, 'What are you looking for?' before we’ve even met them yet? Talk to me free for 25 minutes, get transcripts, download free reports and subscribe to the world-famous newsletter at http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com.


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