Episode 177--The Mountain Top--The Truth About Women And Romance Novels


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You asked for this, and it's long overdue... I can't count how many guys over the years have asked me why women LOVE romance novels like 50 Shades Of Grey so much. Well, I've invited popular romance novel author Porscha Sterling on as my co-host to break down exactly why women get so turned on by this genre. What's more, we talk about all of the different tips we as men can glean from romance novels to attract and delight women just like the central characters in the books do. So how about it, then...why do women prefer romance novels over the visceral visual stimulation of porn (or do they)? And do women really want the 'bad boy' persona in real life quite the same way they seem to desire it in the novels? How does all of this alpha imagery reconcile with all of the conflicting messages on masculinity that we see in the media? I mean, could it be true that what women SAY they want compared to what they REALLY want could be at odds, or is it all just a political power play? OR...is something even deeper and more meaningful really what is going on there? How is it that people who can't stand each other end up falling in love? And how do women really envision meeting the man of their dreams? By the way, what's the deal with women wanting a man to 'pursue' them? Isn't that the same as 'chasing'? It's true, gentlemen...women still love real men. Isn't it time you attracted the women you really want? Talk to me for 25 minutes free when you sign up at http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com.


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