The Multicast Ep. 5 with Blitz Purge and Hotbid


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This is the Multicast! The podcast where we talk about the dota scene, tournaments we traveled to, thought about the meta and pub games, and then whatever else we can whip up. Check the notes if you don't want to sit through the entire timeline, but you'll probably enjoy it. Check the playlist for other episodes if you've missed them, and some day I will make an RSS feed. Subscribe to the podcast feed here: Hotbid: Blitz: Purge: 00:28 How Hotbid feels after the Frankfurt major 01:30 Crowd size at Frankfurt Major 04:02 Talking about up and coming/best mid players of Frankfurt Major 05:30 Most important characteristic to be a top mid 08:20 Miracle's nerves 09:05 How to be a better mid player 10:20 Best team in the world right now 12:00 Team performance since the Major 13:00 Roster Locks 13:35 The best team in the Open Qualifier 14:50 Taking Veggie Esports Club Seriously 16:00 Purge's first world food problem 20:00 Problems at the Major 21:15 Thoughts on DC getting 1437 23:00 Steak Gaming thoughts 23:20 Slickz circle jerk 24:41 Thoughts on new Empire roster 25:10 Thoughts on Jerax 25:30 Earth Spirit Discussion 28:10 who is Lebron Dota 29:20 How do Subs work? 32:08 Synd leaving casting for competitive 32:50 Playing competitively over casting 35:04 Shoutout to ODPixel 36:08 Going to China for next Major 37:15 I thought we were playing NA? 39:00 ESL Manilla announced and playing on SEA servers 41:55 Solo queue'ing after 2 months of not playing 43:45 'The Trench' complainers with Blitz 44:20 Hotbid's rustyness playing with Purge 47:45 Upcoming Patch predictions 48:10 Tusk Nerfs 48:45 Queen of Pain Nerfs 49:01 Winter Wyvern Nerfs 50:45 How big a change will the patch be? 52:45 How to annoy Blitz in solo que 54:09 Dazzle Nerfs 54:34 Shadow Fiend Nerfs 55:33 Balance Patch Theory/design 56:58 Dark Seer Nerfs 57:08 Gyrocopter Nerfs 58:10 Ember Spirit Nerfs 58:34 Huskar Nerfs 1:00:30 Slardar Nerfs 1:03:05 Top 3 predictions for The Summit 1:05:00 Fun drama matches at The Summit 1:08:00 Moonduck losing DotaPit 1:09:25 Blitz plays a LOT of csgo 1:10:00 Time for the fun topics! 1:10:32 Star Wars Discussion 1:11:30 50 Shades of Grey discussion 1:13:08 History as a Star Wars Fan for Blitz/Purge/Hotbid 1:21:05 Hotbid making everything about Race 1:27:00 Talking about more Star Wars Lore 1:27:41 Talking about Depression 1:34:30 Spectrum of Depression. 1:39:30 Ben Merlini Wu standup individual 1:41:19 Zephyr winning a lot 1:42:00 Purge summing up Zephyr losing 1:43:51 Mental Health Reputation 1:45:30 relying on video games as a crutch 1:46:00 Blitz is glad he doesn't do Heroin Facebook: Twitter: Stream: Website: Google +: T-Shirts: Purge's Dotabuff: Dotabuff Plus:

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