The Multicast Ep. 6 w/ Blitz Purge and Hotbid


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The Multicast podcast is an opportunity for 3 friends to hang out and talk about stuff that they care about. Topics today are below. Hotbid: Blitz: Purge: Subscribe to the podcast feed here: 0:00 Intro 1:33 Missing the schedule 01:42 The Town intro discussion 02:53 Hotbid's Impressions 03:20 LAN fun 05:04 Blitz's Roland story 06:53 Standout Mafia players 08:04 Blitz's overall thoughts about performance at Mafia LAN 09:56 Blitz+Hotbid's Standout Performers 11:36 Strength Leading to Weakness 13:03 Notable moments 13:35 Godz fake cop claim 14:35 Owen 'ODPixel' and his sick plays 16:25 the 5th level lie and it's viability 18:18 Memorable moments with Ben Wu 19:55 Purge's Memorable Mafia Moment 22:45 LD played well 23:15 Nahaz analyzation 24:30 Who lead town as mafia 25:45 Chobra 26:25 Making Charlie and Conrad be mad 27:30 Blitz doing Kotlguy Dirty at Frankfurt 29:20 Overall thoughts on the Mafia LAN 31:37 Blitz's thoughts on the LAN/dota portion 33:39 VEGETABLE ESPORTS 38:00 Blitz's thoughts about our performance as Veggie Esports 41:30 Why don't you play in a fun stack Blitz? 42:50 Purge's thoughts on his performance 43:30 Overall discussion about Cap's performance 44:17 How far would you have gotten if you played EU? 46:30 Playing vs Unknown 47:20 Regional Qualifiers and joinDota's coverage of it 48:20 Talking about their WCA performance as casters 51:00 Who do we blame for moonduck and chill 54:50 Thoughts on qualifier results 53:04 Worrying about coverage affecting quali invites 54:07 Moonduck's Captains Draft starting soon 54:50 Regional Qualifier Results 55:15 Happy for Fluff and Archon 56:45 Unknown's Run at Frankfurt 1:00:05 Talking bout' Star Wars 1:10:01 Bulba is a sad flamer 1:11:20 New Years Resolution 1:13:50 Playing Support to Raise MMR 1:15:30 How hard playing Mafia actually is 1:16:45 Reading Bamboe's twitter during event 1:17:02 Jerax crazy Mafia plays at TI 1:19:25 Thoughts on spoiler stream 1:20:10 RIP Chobra 1:22:50 LAN gaming vacation 1:25:20 Retirement Home LANing 1:28:00 Close out Facebook: Twitter: Stream: Website: Google +: Purge's Dotabuff: Dotabuff Plus:

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