Adam Tzur - Ketogenic dieting for fat loss and body composition optimization


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In episode 27 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back Adam Tzur for the second part of our deep-dive into ketogenic dieting.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

3:10 Energy balance fundamentals and ways the ketogenic diet can or cannot circumvent them

12:06 What does it mean to become “fat adapted”, how long does it take and it’s impact on fuel utilization

24:45 Does being “fat adapted” have a preferential effect on fat loss, when compared to a higher carb diet?

32:55 How does a ketogenic diet impact high volume resistance training performance and muscle retention during a fat loss phase?

41:41 What are the scenarios where a ketogenic diet would be advisable?

44:24 How should a well formulated ketogenic diet look like?

47:38 Adam’s thoughts on the carnivore diet and a discussion about short term vs long term utility of diets in general

1:00:56 My top 3 take-aways from this episode

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