#18 Szoták Andrei - Progressive overload and the best ways to progress your training


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Episode 18 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast marks my first appearance as a podcast guest, having been featured on episode 98 of Abel Csabai’s Sustainable Self Development podcast, where we discussed progressive overload and different methods of progressing your training.

Topics discussed with time stamps: 2:41 My background

8:35 – What should we know about progressive overload

14:41 – The advantages and disadvantages of progressing in weight

21:48 – What to do when you can’t keep adding weight

25:17 – Progressing by adding reps

39:28 – The utility of down-sets (dropping the weight in subsequent sets)

42:34 – Adding sets over weeks (progressing in volume)

49:16 – Issues with adding sets

57:35 – My final recommendations for easy and practical progression

1:01:35 – Where can you find more about me?

1:03:50 My top 3 take-aways from this episode

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