291: Subtle Conversion Killers You Aren’t Accounting For With Luke Carthy


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Today I’m happy to have Luke Carthy on the show. Luke is an ecommerce growth consultant specializing in strategy, search & conversion.
He’s been helping ecommerce brands grow for over 12+ years and he’s spoken at a variety of events including the last Mozcon in 2019.
Today, we’re going to discuss his strategies for growing an ecommerce brand.
What You’ll Learn

Luke’s background and how he got into ecommerce
What are some typical mistakes shop owners make?
What’s the first thing entrepreneurs neglect with their stores
Best practices for conversion
How to improve sales for your business

Other Resources And Books

Luke Carthy

Klaviyo.com – Klaviyo is the email marketing platform that I personally use for my ecommerce store. Created specifically for ecommerce, it is the best email marketing provider that I’ve used to date. Click here and try Klaviyo for FREE.

Privy.com – Privy is my tool of choice when it comes to gathering email subscribers for my ecommerce store. They ...

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