025: Reversing Astigmatism with Esther Joy Van Der Werf


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In Episode 25 of The Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Esther Joy Van Der Werf about the functional causes of astigmatism, and natural ways to reverse it without glasses or contacts. Whether you're trying to get rid of astigmatism or prevent astigmatism in the future, this episode will provide you with several action steps and insights on how to accomplish that. Esther and Nathan also cover lots of complimentary topics that will help you hone your holistic vision practice and make sure you are approaching it correctly in order to actually experience beneficial results and improvements in your vision.

Esther Joy Van Der Werf's website - https://www.visionsofjoy.org/

Dr. Elliott Forrest - A New Model of Functional Astigmatism - http://bit.ly/forrest1

Dr. Elliott Forrest - Eye Scan Therapy for Astigmatism - http://bit.ly/forrest2

Astigmatism Chart - http://bit.ly/astigmatismchart

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