053: The World's First Bates Method Picture Book with Orit Kruglanski


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In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, interviews Orit Kruglanski about her new children's book "I See Clearly", which is the first of its kind!

Hear how Orit improved her own vision naturally and how she has wonderfully crafted this new book as a way to share the Bates Method with kids and hopefully decrease the myopia epidemic in future generations.

You can purchase her new book at https://iseeclearly.org/ and you can learn more about Orit at https://oritojos.com/

Nathan and Orit read the August 1921 edition of Better Eyesight, which is also focused on children's vision, which you can listen to at https://bettereyesightpodcast.com/ or at https://patreon.com/bettereyesight

Nathan and his colleague Barry Auchettl created the Computer Eyes Program more specifically for schoolchildren or for parents or teachers who are interested in teaching the Bates Method to younger people. http://computereyesprogram.com/

Nathan and Barry also co-produced the Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight Documentary, which can be rented or purchased at https://vision2020movie.com/

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