054: 360º Vision Training with Irena Castle


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In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Irena Castle about her brand new invention called Overbound Eyesight Trainer and how it can help us achieve more "360º Vision" through peripheral stimulation.

This exciting new device utilizes selective vision obstruction to block the central vision, which allows the user to activate their peripheral vision. The implications of this can not only help athletes improve their performance, but it can also help anyone improve their overall visual performance in everyday life.

***PRODUCTION UPDATE*** The kickstarter campaign has ended and the produced has officially launched! Get your pair today: https://bit.ly/3yyPCoE

For more information, visit Irena's website https://overboundathletics.com/ or Nathan's website https://integraleyesight.com/

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[0:11] Welcome! Why are you wearing a post-it note?

[1:02] The Melissa Patch: Visual Obstruction

[2:41] Irena Castle, Creator of Overbound Eyesight Trainer

[5:15] Kickstarter Campaign Goes Until October 24th, 2021


[6:44] Integral Eyesight Improvement Updates

[9:05] Beginning of the interview

[9:50] How Irena discovered natural vision development

[12:43] Applying sports vision training for young and collegiate athletes

[14:02] Applying relaxation to sports vision training

[15:00] What does the Overbound Eyesight Trainer look like?

[16:43] The purpose is to expand and stimulate peripheral vision

[17:30] What is 360º vision?

[19:30] Central Vision vs. Peripheral Vision

[21:31] Cones vs. Rods

[22:08] Do you have sleepy rods? Wake up your periphery!

[23:21] Rods see movement, rods see in the dark

[24:00] Expand your periphery and “see in 360”

[25:00] Wave your hands to stimulate your rods

[27:00] Periphery helps with reading, walking, driving

[28:50] Design of Overbound Eyesight Trainer Glasses

[34:55] Try blocking your own central vision with 4 fingers

[36:20] Near Periphery, Middle Periphery, and Far Periphery

[39:00] The Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

[43:41] Using Eyesight Trainer Glasses as part of Bates Method

[45:12] Won’t these training glasses fall off while playing sports?

[46:41] First line extension: Nose Card Holder

[48:46] What is a nose card / field divider?

[49:31] What is the Overbound Athletic Vision Program?

[52:03] General Program & Specific Sport Programs

[53:39] Blending the Bates Method with Sports Vision Training

[55:33] Does this work with young athletes?

[58:59] Activating night vision and adapting to dark environments

[1:01:14] Go to www.overboundathletics.com for more information

[1:03:38] See and Feel Victorious!

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