056: Improve Your Vision By Doing Nothing with Dr. Jacob Liberman O.D., Ph.D.


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In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dr. Jacob Liberman O.D., Ph.D. about his Spectral Receptivity System (SRSIII) and his unique approach to color therapy, among many other deep topics.

[1:00] Nathan’s introduction to Dr. Jacob Liberman [3:33] Jacob’s instantaneous vision improvement in 1976 [5:10] What is the Source of our Seeing? (Not the eyes, not the mind) [6:10] ~90% of disease is either directly caused by or contributed to by STRESS [7:10] Stress is a symptom of an “experiential allergy” [9:10] When reality doesn’t match mentality [10:10] Effortless vision is about seeing vs. looking [11:10] A vision improvement story of one of Jacob’s clients using the SRSIII [14:10] Vision improves without “doing anything” [16:10] The emotional/psychological connections with vision [18:10] The placebo effect: getting something from nothing [20:10] The beauty of the Bates Method: Swinging, Sunning, Palming, Visualizing Blackness/Nothingness [21:10] Open Focus = Open-Eyed Meditation [24:55] The Spectral Receptivity System III [26:10] The frequency of wellness in the universe is expansion and contraction [27:10] Thinking, Trying, Doing, stops the breath [29:10] Clear Flashes [30:10] Jacob explains his color protocol [35:10] The part of you that never sleeps [37:10] The answers are within [41:00] Palming helps us achieve neutrality and non-discernibility [42:00] Non-material thoughts become material reality [46:10] Noticing vs. Doing [48:00] Life is an energetic, vibrational experience [49:10] Color works on the subtlest levels of consciousness [51:10] Accept full spectrum of color, accept full spectrum of life [53:10] We are natural beings that cannot escape the light [54:10] Light is invisible, yet it dictates every aspect of your physiology [55:10] Circadian rhythms dictate our wellness [57:10] Luminous Life means we are guided by light all the time [1:00:00] The fire of passion, purpose, and stream of consciousness [1:01:00] Natural vision improvement humbles us [1:02:10] Difference between SRSIII and other colored lenses [1:05:10] Where to get the SRSIII and more information [1:06:10] The new generation of natural vision improvement

Go to https://jacobliberman.org/ for more information about the SRSIII and more.

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