Annihilative Narcissistic Mother Wound


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The narcissistic mother is a non-parent: callous, cold, neglectful, self-absorbed.

Narcissistic mothers throw heir children to the winds of fate, unconcerned about how they will cope or survive.

A child who is emotionally and psychologically neglected never feels safe inside. There is no genuine attachment to a mothering figure.

The narcissistic mother is disgusted by her child's spontaneity. D. W. Winnicott psychoanalyst speaks of the mother who is not good enough and cannot accept her baby's unique individuality.

The child who suffers the narcissistic mother wound tends to choose partners who are emotionally and psychologically detached and are incapable of forming warm. protective and loving relationships.

Recovering and healing from the imprint of the narcissistic mother wound: Recognize that you are the precious child of the narcissistic mother, Give yourself credit for surviving as an authentic self.

You raised yourself, have a developed conscience and fine character.

Practice daily self care: pure food, hydration, movement/exercise, beautiful music, beauty in every form, Nature, Your form of meditation and prayer.

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