For Empaths - Learning to Trust Yourself and Others


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The beginnings of trust occur very early in a child's life. The baby, especially the empath, senses whether he/she can depend on his/her mother or father to feel safe, secure, valued, psychologically grounded.

With a narcissistic mother you treaded lightly, always waiting for her to blow like a bubbling volcano.

You took on the burden of your parents' core psychological issues and tried to solve their problems so that you could have a real family. You were the fixer and the little child grownup.

There comes a time of clarity when you recognize that you can no longer play the role of family fixer.

This is your moment of independence, self care and transformation.

Keep company with yourself; get to know and appreciate who you are as an individual. This is a time of solitude and resfulness.

Trust your deep intuition.

Rest, rest, rest.

Movement and exercise that works for you.

Listen to restorative beautiful music. Spend time with Nature.

Good nutrition and hydration.

Activate and honor your creativity.

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