Narcissists - Masters of Psychological Chaos


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Narcissists live strictly for themselves. They bring individuals into their lives - spouses, ex-spouses, children, family members, to play "roles" that build and enhance their grandiose images and masks of their ubiquitous false selves. Narcissists are disingenuous, incapable of being true or authentic - They lack integrity of character.

Narcissists create chaos, pain and destruction wherever they go. Those who have grown up as children of narcissistic mothers or fathers, know this story too well.

During the sickening lengthy divorce battle, narcissists are particularly nasty. They are heavily lawyered up and hell bent to take everything in reach even if they are not legally entitled to it.

If you are the child of a narcissist, married to or divorcing a narcissist or have any relationship with one of these toxic individuals, your greatest asset is the power of knowledge and dedicated daily self care.

Learn to appreciate your real self deeply. Come home to yourself. This is where you belong.

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