Calming, Strengthening Practices for Child Inside the Empath


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The small child inside the empath needs and is entitled to special attention. Here are some of the ways that you activate kindness, appreciation and understanding. You become calmer, stronger and increase your physical, mental and psychological stamina as well as moving into the restorative parasympathetic body/mind systems.

Get comfortable when you rest. Wear easy fitting clothing that moves with you and is soft and easy against your skin. Res knowing that you are entitled to calming, quiet unscheduled time.

Basic yoga poses put you in the parasympathetic body/mind systems where you are free and untethered, no demands are made, you are floating in a quiet sea.

Child' pose is especially fine for rest and restoration.

Take naps without judgment.

Listen to beautiful music that calms and restores you.

Enjoy Nature each day.

Listen to a book narrator that puts you into the story, characters, sense of place.

Do everything at your pace. No rushing. Walk and do a firm of meditation on Nature in each moment.

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