Empaths - Embrace the Dance of Your Individuality


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As a child you were the peacemaker, child servant, invisible child, the quiet one in your family. As a child you didn't fit in with your family. They had an image of themselves that was developed and highly polished, especially if you had a narcissistic parent or narcissistic mother and father.

Everything had to be perfect at all times including the children. You remember the strict routines, the multiple layers of external perfection, the grand show. The image was all that mattered: what you wore, your grades, schools you attended, important friends and contacts. This was emphasized. This is the false reality of the narcissistic family.

You are not part of your family's fairy tale. You are not in the chorus - following the steps by rote.

You choreograph your own dance. You dream it up, work it out and perform it. beautifully. You are a gifted soloist.

Follow your intuitive wisdom and listen to the winds of your creativity.




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