High Level Narcissists - Vicious Exploitation


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High level narcissists cause multiple psychological and emotional traumas in the lives of others, particularly their spouses, ex-spouses, children, in-laws. Always on the hunt for narcissistic supplies which includes a feverish search for people they can exploit, the high level can deleteriously affect a wide swath of people including close family members. Exploitive, duplicitous, high manipulative, secretive, the high level never stops his hunt for the ultimate narcissistic supplies: praise, adulation, social status, wealth, spouses and partners that will enhance his/her image of perfection.

I have seen families decimated in the aftermath of the narcissist's vicious, repeated dark deeds. Having neither shame nor conscience, a high level narcissist, thinks absolutely nothing of leaving an ex-spose and his children with no financial support or security while he or she moves on with a new fresh partner to marry again and begin a new family. Narcissists don't stop. Just when you think that they have mellowed, changed or slowed down, they will surprise you with finding another way to obstruct you.

High level narcissists want everything for themselves. They will never take responsibility ever for the damage that they do. Never wait for an apology or reparations from them. They view themselves as perfect---they have the problem.

Become highly informed about the narcissistic personality. This is a powerful tool for you.

You are moving forward along your pathways of the original self. You deserve tremendous credit for all of your research, insights, intuitions and great wisdom

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