The Unbearable Greediness of the Narcissistic Spouse


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Significant ways the Narcissist is exceedingly greedy:

Incapable of psychological and emotional intimacy - Ungiving!

A strong taste for luxury and lavishness. Bestow on themselves material possessions: properties, assets, homes, cars, clothes, trips.

Make empty promises to provide for their children, for example, pulling the financial resources at the last minute for their education.

Cruel and greedy - abandon their first family financially, discard and replace them with a new spouse and children, creating a "new family."

Money hungry, grabby like a two year old, toddlers in tantrum mode.

Narcissists are psychologically regressed at two years of age.

Narcissists don't share - Everything belongs to them.

Play cruel game of "hide the money" during the divorce wars.

What you can do:

1. Research and study the narcissistic personality in-depth.

2. Be organized. Keep good records so that you have the facts about all of your assets.

Daily Self Care: Sleep, Rest, Eating nourishing food, Hydration, Movement/exercise that works best for you, Meditation, prayer - how you define this for yourself, Using your unique creative gifts.

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