Episode 153: This Podcast Has All the Elsas (But No Eminem)


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And we’re back, with a fresh episode at last. Tune in as co-hosts Steve Vladeck and Bobby Chesney discuss and debate the latest national security law developments. This week they cover:

  • Donald Trump pressuring Main DOJ to override the sentencing recommendation made by line prosecutors in order to help Roger Stone
  • Donald Trump pressuring DOD to retaliate against Lt. Col. Vindman (followed by, coincidentally, our discussion of the Military Whistleblower Protection Act)
  • A quick overview of federal quarantine law, just in case…
  • The case of Omar Ameen and legal issues associated with non-refoulement
  • The War Powers bill in the Senate: what would it actually mean to “withdraw” from hostilities with Iran, while still being in Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State?
  • Steve gets all the colors! (You have to listen to find out what that means)

We end, as always, with frivolity. Oscar awards recap time!

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