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The difference between knowledge and wisdom. The difference between magic and alchemy. On today's show, Natalie talks all about the spiritual path. Different B.S. you see along the way, how to avoid it, and how to find a spiritual path that works for you! Topics covered: - Magical and mystical experiences that break our conceptions of consensus reality, and awaken us to something bigger - Why magical and mystical experiences do not produce wisdom inside of us, and what really matters instead - The pros and cons of two different popular spiritual approaches, and how to balance both of them to create a third, harmonious path. - 3 steps to making sense of getting hit by a Spiritual 2x4 and starting on the spiritual path - Practical advice on how to find the right spiritual teacher - and so much more! Xoxo. Always. Natalie Griffin and the Naughty Shaman team ***** Learn more about Naughty Shaman: P.S. If this episode helped you, please leave a nice review!

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