0111 : PaleoAccuracy at Big Rock with Ethan Storrer | The NeoJurassic Podcast : The Wild Possibilities of a Jurassic World


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The NeoJurassic Podcast Episode 0111 : PaleoAccuracy at Big Rock with Ethan Storrer

Ethan Storrer, beyond being a very good friend of the show, is a Vertebrate Paleontology student working as a field paleontologist at a private prep lab in Utah and the man (at least in part) responsible for the more scientifically accurate bits of ‘Battle at Big Rock’s hangry adult Allosaurus!

Together we’ll be discussing his experience guiding Universal back to the light with their Allosaurus design, the thrills of field paleontology, and why the future success of the Jurassic franchise is dependent on paleoartists!

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