Kathleen Higgins 'From Daoism to Nietzsche...and why deception has become a modern way of life'


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In this episode of #TheNew Abnormal, I interview Kathleen Higgins, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas, at Austin. Kathleen's main areas of research are continental philosophy, philosophy of the emotions, and aesthetics. She has published a number of books: Nietzsche's “Zarathustra” , The Music of Our Lives, A Short History of Philosophy, A Passion for Wisdom , What Nietzsche Really Said , and The Music between Us: Is Music a Universal Language? She has edited or co-edited several other books on such topics as German Idealism, aesthetics, ethics, erotic love, non-Western philosophy, and the philosophy of Robert C. Solomon. In this episode, we discuss her thinking on topics including post-truth, autonomy, the Noble Lie, filter-bubbles and echo chambers, public opinion and media narratives, heuristics vs critical thinking; alongside the lessons of today that we can learn from philosophers ranging from Rousseau to Kant to Schopenhaur to Derrida. And, of course, Nietzsche.

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