The Awakening Part Two


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Captain Ruby Hart and PT-9 are still stuck in France the 1700's and find themselves on a hunt with the original Little Red Riding Hood. The beast has struck again and the hunt want its head on a pikeoutside the Castle walls. In the midst of the hunt PT-9 stumbles across a cloaked alien spaceship. Who does it belong to and why is it here? Is the way back to 3029 for them?Meanwhile, back in 3029 a mission is underway from Space Corps to retrieve the Chronological Manipulator and save Captain Ruby Hart and PT-9 wherever they may be. However, Accalia and Lupus have other plans as they awaken the Sleeping Beauty. Starring: Julia Eve as Captain Ruby Hart Pete Lutz as Charles Perrault Sarah Golding as Auroroa Owen McCuen as Herculees 3000 Terry Cooper as General Douglas Alkirk Nathaniel Chambers as PT-9 – aka Petey Tanja Milojevic as Lazarus 1 Zoe Jenkins as Celeste Couer Commodore James as Lieutenant Brett Hunter Nathan Comstock as G2-10 – aka Grendle Joe Stofko as Fenris De ville Gareth Severn as Gunolf Larry Oliver as Duke York Jerry Kokich as Marrok Dextor Herron as Francois Michel Le-Tellier Natalie Chisolm as Accalia Bonnie Bogovich as Matilda Sean Lenhart as Lupus Tom Fellas as Kraum Blaxore Gareth Severn as Security Guard Bryan Dusseau as Docking Assistant Special Musical Credits to: The Cosmos – Sirius Beat TV Ansia Orchestra - Battle Theme [Epic_Orchestral] [MFY - No Copyright Intense Horror Whispering music – Mattia Cupelli Ambient Horror – ESN Productions Drums of Fury - Alexander Hoff Suspense Background Music - Artem Grebenshchikov (Argsound) Discovery – Tim Beek Cinematic Danger Background Music Heart Of The Beast - Kevin MacLeod Red Riding Hood Theme – Red – Ender Guney

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