#169: Red Hat-IBM Acquisition - Clash of Cultures or Best of Both Worlds?


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Red Hat’s acquisition by IBM has been the biggest story of the year, dwarfing Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. But the acquisition has been notable for many reasons, one of them is that this is 3rd largest IT acquisition after Broadcom and Dell-EMC. New Stack Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Alex Williams sat down with Lauren Cooney, Founder & CEO, Spark Labs, Tyler Jewell, CEO, WSO2 and Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF CTO/COO, to discuss the repercussions of this acquisition. The core points discussed included the impact on the market, the impact on open source contribution made by Red Hat, the impact on the culture within Red Hat and the possible clash between the product teams of both companies fighting over the same client. But when companies bring two different cultures together, things could go wrong.

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