#175: Realizing DevOps Dreams with Containers and AIOps


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On today’s episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, TNS founder Alex Williams is joined by Janakiram MSV, a principal analyst with Janakiram & Associates, and Steve Burton, VP of Marketing at Harness.io to discuss not only the effects containers and Kubernetes have had on realizing our DevOps dreams, but also how machine learning is taking it to the next level with the evolution of AIOps. "In the last five years, DevOps has actually matured. So, we started with VMs, and DevOps was all about provisioning and configuration management and then, eventually CI/CD came in and Jenkins became the front and center of build management and release management, but that entire game was taken to the next level when containers became mainstream," said Janakiram. "We have evolved. Basically the current phase is driven predominately by container orchestration managers like Kubernetes that makes it extremely easy to spin up a staging environment or a test environment. And then we have Docker images as the unit of deployment. That fundamentally changes the game."

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