How CERN Accelerates with Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus and CoreDNS


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KubeCon+CloudNativeCon sponsored this podcast. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is known for its particle accelerator and experiments and analysis of the properties of subatomic particles, anti-matter and other particle physics-related research. CERN is also considered to be where the World Wide Web (WWW) was created. Research and experiments conducted at the largest particle physics research center consisting of a 27-km long tunnel generate massive amounts of data to manage and store. All told, CERN now manages over 500 petabytes — over half of one exabyte — which, in a decade's time, is expected to total 5,000 petabytes, said Ricardo Rocha, a staff researcher at CERN. In this episode of The New Stack Analysts, we learn from Rocha how CERN is adapting as a new accelerator goes online in the next few years with the ability to manage 10x the data it manages now.

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