New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 52


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Mark talks to Matthew Gilligan from Gilligan Rowe and Associates about investing in Auckland, what he has been up to, an upcoming event with Tony Alexander and much more.

This is the first podcast for 2016 and Mark talks to Matthew Gilligan about how he sees the market throughout NZ in the upcoming year, he also speaks openly about how he is investing in the current market himself. Matthew discusses the GRA Property School, an upcoming event and some real gems in getting ahead.

Mark and Matt discuss the many potential strategies for investing, for example buy and hold, buy and subdivide, land banking etc. Commercial developments.

The advantage of holding your investment properties.

There is an upcoming event with Tony Alexander - BNZ Chief Economist, knowledge of the economy in NZ and a knowledge of the NZ Property Market. 800 seats available; Tony will be talking about how he sees the NZ economy and World economy. Migration patterns of the Chinese and the effect that it has had which effects property investors. They will be talking about the re-zoning in Auckland. His top 5 things to avoid in the Auckland market. How to avoid risk and make profit. Click here to book

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