S2 Ep. 8 Mike O'Malley Breaks Silence In Global GUTS Controvrsy


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Public Service Announcement: This is your brain... This is your brain on Zain...

The Newsy Neighbors are back at it again with another episode chock full of zainy takes and stupid news. Join us as we test out a couple new segments including who The Best Maine is on the podcast.

A Nickelodeon Guts audience member graces Beaver Studios with his presence and we reminisce on some of our fondest childhood memories.

Nicey recounts his chance encounter as a young naked boy with the man who inspired the show, Newsy Lalonde and we try our best to learn something new as we take a walk back in time and find out what pops with the cast.

A listener question gets posed that is as timely as it is interesting and if you want to be a part of the show hit us with your questions at newsyneighbors@gmail.com

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