033: "Whatever you think you can accomplish in 3 years you can probably accomplish in 3 months" - Shannon Siriano Greenwood // Marketing Strategist, Biz Coach + Co-Founder of Rebelle Con


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to identify what you’re good at and create a successful life doing what you love? Shannon Siriano, aka “grandma” or who many refer to as their “fairy godmother” is doing just that: designing the lifestyle she desires and supporting others as they do the same for themselves. The owner of Lemon Umbrella, LLC, Shannon metaphorically invites people under her umbrella to create the space and grant the permission to flourish in doing what they wish to accomplish.

Listen as Shannon lets us in on her work to empower small business owners from her own successes. We learn from Shannon how to embrace our professional experiences in order to identify what we’re good at and push past the limiting beliefs we may carry around with us. We talk burnout, depression, creating space for opportunity, letting go of things that don’t feel good, the power of visualization, the importance of self-development and self-care, and we all validate the importance of validation in doing the things we know we want to be doing.

We also get the deets on Shannon’s latest endeavor, Rebelle Con, a women’s conference in Richmond November 9 – 11 that emphasizes: “Lifestyle design for entrepreneurial women.” As you listen to Shannon’s wisdom, you’ll hear her passion for creating a life that you love and why that is most important – more than any amount of money you make or success you have in your business. If you’re not living fully and enjoying life, but you tons of money, are you truly happy? You tell us. Purchase your tickets online now: http://www.rebellecon.com


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November 9 – 11, 2017 // Richmond, VA

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