Ep 39: News roundup - Big Tech wins again, Big Gov making moves, even bigger ransomware attacks, while Bezos gets ready to blast off


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This episode we’re covering the news, and there's a whole lot to catch up on! Facebook youngest company to surpass $1T valuation after scoring Antitrust win. The Pentagon Scraps $10B cloud computing contract "JEDI", plans to split between Microsoft and Amazon. Plus, a new ransomware attack targeting Kaseya, who provides software to over 1,500 Managed Security Service Providers, demanding a record $70 million and impacting over 1M computers. Didi app pulled from app stores in China after suspension order. Microsoft executive says U.S. overuses secret orders for Americans' data, and Judge tears Florida’s social media law to shreds for violating First Amendmen. Tune in for the discussion.

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