Ep 54: Hrish Lotlikar, CEO of SuperWorld on the Metaverse, XR and NFTs


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This week we have as our guest Hrish Lotlikar, the Co-founder & CEO of SuperWorld. Hrish has recently been named one of the 30 most influential people in the Metaverse, and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Business Times, Entrepreneur.com and since recording, appeared on CNBC and was featured in The Economist.
SuperWorld's virtual real estate platform is mapped over the entire surface of the globe, allowing users to purchase —virtually—any place on Earth. From skyscrapers and stadiums to historical monuments and iconic structures including wonders of the natural world, everyone has a favorite place that they would love to own in this virtual world where each plot of land is a 100m x 100m rectangle which is about the size of a city block. Recently Barbados became the first sovereign nation to announce they will be building an embassy in the metaverse on SuperWorld.

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