Ep 55: News Roundup - Elizabeth Holmes Verdict, 2022 Predictions, Team Telecom back Big Tech Cables to China, Future of Social Media & The “M”verse, Rogan & COVID Misinformation


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This week we’re covering the news and 2022 predictions (a few weeks behind due to COVID in the production studio). Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos was convicted of fraud, we discuss both her first HBO special as well as the film in production starring Jennifer Lawrence; 2022 Predictions, America’s Team Telecom is back Big Tech Cables for Google and M*** to China; we discuss the future of social media and alternatives like Mastodon, Discourse and more after Joe Rogan’s COVID Misinformation episode with Dr. Robert Maloney; issues with the “M”verse and some optimistic brainstorming; as well as China’s newest Coal-powered energy plant.

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