Ep 57: Till Schneidereit & Ralph Squillace on WebAssembly and Bytecode Alliance


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This week we're talking about the #1 Internet Technology of 2021: WebAssembly (According to The New Stack) and the organization building its future: Bytecode Alliance.
We are joined by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Bytecode Alliance: Till Schneidereit (Principal Software Engineer, WebAssembly @ Fastly and Former Sr. Engineering Manager at Mozilla) and Ralph Squillace (Principal Program Manager, Azure Core Upstream, Microsoft), two leaders in the continued development of WebAssembly.
The Bytecode Alliance is an industry partnership created to forge WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser future by collaborating on implementing standards and proposing new ones. The founding members are Mozilla, Fastly, Intel, and Red Hat, with Microsoft, arm, Google, Shopify, Siemens and others joining in 2021 including EDJX. More recently, Amazon Prime Video also joined the alliance.
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