343: Change is Constant. Embrace It.


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Embrace change.That seems like a foreign concept to many of us because as human beings, we have the innate tendency to resist it at first. Why?Because even though change is inevitable, it can be scary and seemingly knock us off our path.But, despite all of that, if there’s anything in life that remains constant, it’s change.And, the true difference-maker that determines our success is how we respond to it.In this episode of the No BS Marketing Show, Dave shares three tips to help people get comfortable with being uncomfortable.The goal is to flip the script on how you view change and become inspired by the newfound opportunities it brings, be flexible and open to new approaches, and use technology to improve efficiency. Remember, great things never came from comfort zones. --Connect with Dave for more tips and information on leadership, advertising, B2E marketing, communication, brand strategy, marketing, and more:LinkedInBut, before you go, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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