350: Get to Know Dave Mastovich


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We know Dave Mastovich as a master storyteller, marketer, communicator, leader, etc.His expertise and skill have been on display over the years through his blog posts and the podcast.There's no denying he knows what he's talking about.But, we wanted to take a different route with this episode.Why?Because it's the 350th episode of the No BS Marketing Show!Listen in as Maria Marchewka, our Content Specialist asks Dave some questions that are outside of the normal leadership and marketing topics and include: What did he want to be when he grew up? What were some challenges Dave experienced early in his career? How did he overcome them? What's his biggest pet peeve? What's his favorite movie and why? What qualities does he admire most in his parents? What piece of advice would he give his sons? How does he wish to be remembered?People who know Dave Mastovich know he gives Dick Vermeil a run for his money as a crier.Listen as Maria puts Dave on the spot.But, before you go, don’t forget to connect with Dave Mastovich for more tips and information on crisis communication, leadership, advertising, B2E marketing, brand strategy, marketing, and more on LinkedIn.You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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