Episode 110 - Saluting a Pioneer with Brandon Jennings


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On this episode, we’re circling back a moment in basketball that propelled us to where the game is today. At the time, Brandon Jennings went from Oak Hill Academy to the Euroleauge, it was a move that puzzled and surprised many. Instead of going the college route, one of the top prospects in his class, Brandon knew he had the pro makeup, so he went overseas to make it happen. When he was drafted number ten overall in 2009, he entered the league with a year of pro experience under his belt and some money in his pocket.

For Gil, Brandon was always that exceptional player who could score at will, a shoot first point guard and a shot creator, but he also had the vision to go against the grain. At the time the move made headlines, and only a few players followed suit. But as we’re seeing now, a pathway has been made where they don’t need to depend the college system to progress their careers. As for Brandon, enough time as gone by to look back at that chapter in his life with recognition for what he accomplished and where it took him to next.

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