Episode 112 - Clapping Back with Richard Jefferson


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On this episode, what do you get when you have college friends, teammates, rivals, NBA stars and lifelong jokesters? You have Richard Jefferson and Gil’s 20+ year friendship. Since meeting as AAU players, to a recruitment trip that almost made the whole thing fall apart, Gil and Richard have been going tit-for-tat for a long time. If one sets the bar, the other not only raises it, but makes it unreachable.

For Gil, this comes from a genuine bond with Richard, not just from talent on the basketball court, but connecting as personalities. As Richard’s career showed us, he was a great athlete, a high flyer and an excellent teammate. Just like Gil, he had fun with it, but when it was game time, he was all the way locked in. For the both of them, that was the bond at Arizona, and coming from an ultra talented squad, they were able to stand out at the next level in the NBA.

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