33 - John Lennon's Lethal Nipples


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What really broke up the Beatles? Was it Yoko? Band infighting? Or was it a plot so insidious that the very nipples on John Lennon’s chest weren’t safe from Paul’s ire? Also, LOTS of METALLICHAT-UH™. Dig in, Noise Bois! “Airplane Friends” by Row 26, Seats A and B Joel watched terrible, worthless movies on an airplane Dave and Joel are pretty bad at Australian accents “The Ballad of Me Fake Accent” by John Lennon “It’s Sunny Outside” by Paul McCartney “I’m Carrot Paul” by John Lennon “My Name Is John” by Paul McCartney “I’ve Been Plotting Your Death” by Paul McCartney Dueling John Lennons “Happiness Is A Warm Gun with The Safety On, Mark David Chapman” by John Lennon “Lethal Nipples” by The Beatles Joel’s happy about his sparkly, jangly riff Patreon Spotlight Question: What about “Weird Al” Yankovic? The Bois are DIVIDED over “Weird Al” The Dark Knight: “Weird Al” Edition Dave’s guitar on The Antiques Roadshow Dave’s pleased with his new thrasy tone Metallichat: S&M II Why do we rag on Metallica so hard? “Nothing Else Matters, Besides Our Patreon” by Metallica Reverse Covers: Bob Dylan and Guns N’ Roses Check in with The Bouyees Check in with Morissey “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Morrissey

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