34 - Fish Hooked By Hummus Dildos


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Sink them teeth into a moldy-ass peach, cuz them Noise Bois, Dave and Joel, are kicking out some low key, low energy, low effort jams Juno soundtrack style. They also dig in their spurs, and get in touch with their country side again. And Gary? HOOOBOY, does Gary get in trouble. He’s been a naughty little drum goblin. “Autumn Song (Daddy’s Attic Photos)” by Penfold or Mineral “When A Father Gives His Son A Gimp Mask” by Penfold or Mineral “Spinning A Surreptitious Dildo” by Dashboard Confessional Back when Emo got a thesaurus “Illuminated With Fairy Lights” by Dashboard Confessional “Just Chill (When My Wife Goes To Bed)” by Some Other 90s Emo Band “A Man Needs Hummus” by Country Dave and The Sandwich Fingerers “I’ve Guy 2 Questions” by Travis Dangler and The Wrangler Strangers Gary gets caught being VERY NAUGHTY! You can’t get funky in a minor key “3-Way Conversation” by Bassy Jake and The Funky Spunk Monks Revisiting the idea that “jazz sucks” Signing up for higher frequency laughs Jazz chat in a smokey club Smoldering opinions on The Moldy Peaches “The Matrix” theme by The Moldy Peaches “Schindler’s List” theme by The Moldy Peaches “Cape Fear” theme by The Moldy Peaches “Terminator 2” theme by The Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches do some movie pitches to Stevearino “Forrest Gump” theme by The Moldy Peaches “Joel Watson” theme by The Moldy Peaches Dave’s moldy flashback to 2009 “Somewhere Out There (it’s Dave)” by Joelvel Mousekewitz “Somewhere Out There” by 70’s Tom Waits When your Internet man gets sad “Cheering Up Tom Waits” by The Moldy Peaches “Our Best Boys” by 70’s Tom Waits All The Noise Bois are Trains Dave and Joel’s worst experiences holding a guitar “I’ll Apologize” by young Joel “Baby, I Don’t Have A Lot Going On” by young Dave “Show Me Your Tits” by Blink-182 “Lord, Oh Lord, You Gotta Show Me Them Titties” a traditional spiritual hymn “I’m In The Lord’s Titty Army” by Dave and The Proddies “Our God Has Some Awesome Tits” by Joel and The Wednesday Night Youth Group “Our Lord Has Some Awesome Tits” by System of A Down “Toxcicitine” by System of A Down ft. Gary “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by The Moldy Peaches ft. 70’s Tom Waits

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