35 - I'm Sick To Death of All These Rockers


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Noise Bois, you’re going to have to forgive us as we indulge in this Nickelback-heavy Noise Hole. It’s a thing, it happened, let’s get past it. It’s like Soylent for your ears. It keeps you alive, but no one’s actually enjoying themselves. Also a seemingly NEVER ENDING train of rock stars, living and dead, visit The Hole today, no thanks to GARY! “Photograph Psychopath” by Nickelback An update on Gary’s smoking Noise Bois carving Jack-Hole-Lanterns!!! “The Ballad Of The Pumps” by The Noise Bois (as portrayed by Dave) “Listen To Photograph” by Nickelback CHADchat: A visit from Chad Kroeger and Stevearino “Look At This Chart” by Nickelback “Listen To Photograph” by Nickelback “Nothing Else Matters Is A Pretty Good Song” by Metallica “Another Green Day Song” by Green Day “The Biggest Hit Of All Time” by Nickelback fr. Green Day “Look At This Spider-Man” by Nickelback “Listen To Clutch” by Nickelback “Lo Mein Protests” by Nickelback “Fart Sniffing Creep” by Radiohead “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Radiohead Iggy Pop’s spider smokin’ fiasco “Lust For Spiders” by Iggy Pop “Look At This Iggy Pop” by Nickelback “Look At These Lovely Boys” by Morrissey “Look At These Lovely Boys (Reprise)” by Morrissey Patreon Spotlight: Does rock and roll need drugs? Beatles Reminisce featuring John and Paul “Ringo Gave Me A Ride” by The Beatles “I’m Going To Self-Immolate” by The Beatles “Sweaty Child’o Mine” by Sloshy Slash Ozzy and Sharon return, uninvited What do the Noise Boi’s parents think? Now THAT’s what Dave calls music! “Enter Dave’s Mom” by Metallica The Insufferable and Hyper-Specific Croonery of Seth McFarlane “Look At This Family Guy” by Nickelback ft. The Griffins Elton John confronts his mean mum More Family Guy talk for some god damn reason “Look At This Patreon” by Nickelback “Why Can’t I Be A Bouyee With A Loving Mother?” by The Bouyees “Why’s Our Dads A Couple of Drug Addicts?” by The Bouyees ft. Jack Black and Peter Griffin

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