36 - Smooch My Gooch


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Put a trash bag over your head, and sinch it with a rubber band, because THIS is the Halloween (adjacent) episode of The Noise Hole, and YOUR costume is “Trash Ghost.” This SPOOOOKIEST of episodes only features MAX SPOOKS for the first ten-ish minutes, then the ENTIRE REST of it is about 1960’s doowop music… which SHOULD scare the living shits out of your ass. It’s less of a treat, and more of a trick, but you knew the deal when you knocked on our door. “Spooky Candy Time” by 2LittleBois Officer RegularHead vs. The Headburgler “Fried Egg On A Hamburger” by 2LittleBois Dave’s dark magic dental adventure Harry Potter and The Ghost What Eats Your Shit “Talkin’ ‘Bout Rock & Roll” by Rush Where are the old-ass, original metalheads? “Sherry” by Some 60s Pop Quartet The remaining Monkees lose their Monkee-bucks “Hey Hey, We’re The Monkees (Thrash Remix)” by The Monkees “Suck My Fuckin’ Shit” by The Monkees Tommy and Sally’s regular 1960s courtship “Sally, My Best Girl” by The Dinner Platters “Fuck Dem Tiddies, Yeah” by Big Tony “Sweet Georgie Girl” by The Dinner Platters ft. Big Tony Tommy, Sally and Big Tony at the sock-hop in 1963 Casey Kasem’s Top 5 Hits of 1963 “Kiss Me On The Regular Lips” by Tammy and The Poodle Skirts “Un, Deux, Trois” by the Serviettes “Jesus Slayed All The Puss” by Elvis Presley Elvis Press Conference “Sit With Me Under The Cherry Tree” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons “Enlist Your Fist (Smooch My Gooch)” by Tommy and The Dinner Plates The Terminator takes Sarah Connor to the 1960’s Patron Spotlight: How do you feel about audiophiles? How do you change chords without looking? “Start With F” by Morrissey Pete Wentz is a Pete Dunce (bass-wise) We got presents from Noise Bois! “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Tommy and The Dinner Plates

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