37 - QWERTY Squirty


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This week Dave and Joel take a Dave and stroll down memory lane, as the bois recall their first computers. What is this? The TECHNOLOGY HOLE?! Not after Lemmy fucking Killmeister shows up to… talk about computers. Hmm… maybe it IS The Tech Hole, but you know, still with like a ton of fun songs. “The Unforgiven IV” by Metallica An update on Gary’s smoking detox The Bois try to name all the cartoon characters that were kicked out of Guns N’ Roses Guns N’ Roses star in Christopher Nolan’s dark, gritty Bambi reboot “Welcome To The Forest” by Guns N’ Roses N’ Bambi 90s Computer Chat with The Bois Dave and his Granny’s first computer Making “the computer” work for the whole family Joel’s first computer Dave tries to email The Queen of England Queen the band tries to get “an internet” “It’s A Kinda Mustache Magic” by Queen “Got To Have It All (Cock & Balls)” by Queen “Foxy Darling” by Queen and Jimmy Hendrix Lemmy returns for a RETRO RUNDOWN!!! How Lemmy learned to fly from Dave Grohl How Lemmy got his castle “Super Mario Bros. 3 Airship Theme” by Motörhead “Chop Lemmy” by Motörhead Lemmy’s first computer game countdown Lemmy’s corrupting influence on Gary “Castle Monster Theme (Beedle Eedle Eedle)” by Motörhead The history of Tetris “Tetris (Suck Me Cock)” by Motörhead “286 Cybersex” by Motörhead The dark truth about Stevearino Lemmy knows Dave’s dead Granny Lemmy rates his very first PC games “Lemmy’s Theme” by Lemmy and The Noise Bois “Another Brick In The Wall” by Motörhead Lemmy’s astonishing revelation about Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb” by Motörhead “Comfortably Numb” again, but better by Motörhead

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