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Would you rather commit to living and working in one country for some time or work remote? Both opportunities offer freedom and growth that would do wonders for your personal and professional growth. However, despite its appeal, many still back away from taking the chance because the process of leaving or entering a country can get really complicated.

In this week’s episode, I connected with Expat Empire founder David McNeill to talk about what it’s like to live and work abroad permanently. Through his company, David uses his love and knowledge of traveling to help others explore and find their place in the world. He also shares valuable insights about the nomadic lifestyle and how it’s changing the way we live and work abroad.
[0:35]What Is Expat Empire?

[2:01]David’s Travel Backstory

[4:56]Why David Didn’t Stay In His Dream City

[11:40]The Flexibilities of Remote Work

[25:00]The Influence of People’s Need For Stability And Spontaneity On Their Decisions

[40:38]David’s Advice For Aspiring Travelers And Nomads
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