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By Lisa Sigurgeirson Parenting Coach E.C.E. & Sareena Merino Mom of Two, Lisa Sigurgeirson Parenting Coach E.C.E., and Sareena Merino Mom of Two. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
Less Yelling, More Connecting; Enjoy your kids through respectful parenting. Does wondering if you’re “doing it wrong” and “failing as a parent” keep you awake at night? Do you wish your kids would just listen to you? Do you wish you felt confident that you are handling your kids BIG feelings in the best possible ways? Do you wish you could feel more present and connected with your little ones? In this podcast you will learn simple, easy to implement communication tools that will build your confidence as a parent, decreasing arguments and helping you create more ease and joy in your family life. You will feel supported in choosing positive ways to interact with your little ones bringing more patience to your game. You will delight in having more time to be fully present with your children in ways that nurture healthy development through the early years. Our mission is to empower you tired Mamas to feel confident navigating your way through the roller coaster of parenting. You will learn to implement healthy boundaries while developing a relationship based on love, mutual trust and respect. If you’re ready to feel more fulfilled and happier as a parent, join us Mama, each week, as we offer advice and practical tools you can add to your own parenting toolbelt! Hi! We are Parenting Coach Lisa Sigurgeirson, ECE, and Mama, Sareena Merino. Amma Lisa (amma means grandma in Icelandic) comes to us with over 40 years of experience in supporting, educating and coaching parents, from a foundation in Early Childhood Education. Lisa is a mama and an amma, and is still spending loads of time with young children, on the daily, through the private childcare she offers. Amma Lisa lives a nature-based, “green,” eco-friendly life and brings that to the conversation, too!Mama Sareena is a young, stay-at-home mom of two little ones, and who, through our podcast, says she is busily unlearning the punishment-style, "do as I say'' parenting she was raised on, while eagerly learning and implementing new ways of being a gentle, mindful, attachment-style parent who has strong boundaries while building a relationship of mutual respect and deep connection. If you want to delight in your days, and practical help in getting your little ones to do what needs to be done in a day, including getting them out the door and into nature to enjoy the wonders of life through their eyes, this is the podcast for you! Looking forward to bath and bed time routines each night is also possible! Come hang out with us in our easy, conversation-style format between a young mama like yourself, a supportive grandma-figure sharing her wisdom, (with training and decades of experience to back up her claims!), and our knowledgeable guests. We hope you feel like you belong here, learning right alongside us. So grab your latte - or your tea - and “come sit around the proverbial ancient fire with us” as you go about your busy day, and together we will create a nurturing Village of support to assist you in raising healthy, respectful, awesome humans!For more info you can contact us through e-mail at or join us in our FB Group

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