Episode 50: All about the Game


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Episode 50: All about the Game

All about the game

We made it to episode 50 and its All about the game! Or rather – where you can game! We take a look at gaming clubs, gaming teams and the many benefits of being part of one (or more!) of these fantastic organisations, regardless of where they might be located.

This episode also coincides with Suicide Awareness Day and Month – and being part of a group or organisation can be very helpful for your mental health and wellbeing. We encourage anyone who feels like they need support to contact Lifeline (Aus 13 11 14), check out information about the National Awareness Day or simply get more info on how you can help someone you know by checking if they are ok.

Terry Crews is a gamer! This will make sense with the episode we promise!

Just for the context of the episode, Emma starts her run on the podcast with episode 7 and is part of 8 and 9 and then is a permanent fixture from 11 onwards!

We mention a huge collection of Western Australian Organisations and groups in this episode so here is the very lengthy list with links for you to check out!

Outpost 6030
Rockingham Historical Gamers
I’d Crit That
Perth Miniature Gaming Group
Napoleonic Wargaming Society
Perth Nerd Herd
Gamers Guild WA Inc
V Titans
Toy Solider Cartel
Tabletop Mafia
Snake Eyes Squad
and of course – Obsec Gamers and Obsec Events!

Are you part of your local club? Do you have a group you regularly play with and have you considered forming a team of some kind? We would love to hear about your experiences and hear your feedback on this topic – we want to hear from you!

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Thanks for listening!

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