OV374 - Stranger Things 4, Vol. 1 (Patreon Reviews)


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In this special episode, I am releasing all of my Patreon-Exclusive episode reviews of Stranger Things 4, Vol. 1 on the main feed. Listen to me share the highs and lows of the seven episodes that were released on May 27 in preparation for Vol. 2, which releases on July 1st. To hear my thoughts on Vol. 2, you'll need to sign up to our Patreon at the $2 or higher levels at Patreon.com/ObsessiveViewer. Timestamps
  • Show Start – 00:28
Patreon Reviews - 04:50
  • Chapter One: The Hellfire Club - 05:00
  • Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse - 37:15
  • Chapter Three: The Monster and The Superhero - 1:13:50
  • Chapter Four: Dear Billy - 1:44:26
  • Chapter Five: The Nina Project - 2:14:24
  • Chapter Six: The Dive - 2:34:17
  • Chapter Seven: The Massacre At Hawkins Lab - 3:08:15
  • Closing the Ep – 3:34:36
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